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One of the most often asked questions we are asked is, “Why Japan?”

– Japan is the 2nd largest never reached people group in the world (never reached: a country or people group that has never had a widespread move of God). It is a country of 127 million people and only about 2 million believers. Of the 125 million who have not accepted Jesus, most of them have never heard Jesus’ name. Our region director, Jeff Hartensveld often reminds us of this, “There are places in Japan that no believer has ever set foot.”

– Japan loves children! They have 2 national holidays just for children– March 3 is Girls Day, and May 5 is Children’s Day. We believe if you reach a child, you reach the whole family. We also believe if you reach a child, you can change a culture.

Brad’s great-grandmother found Jesus because an American missionary heard the Lord’s call and went to Japan. As a result, she served the Lord the rest of her life, as well as Brad’s grandmother, parents, he and Ro, and now their kids. This legacy was started as a result of someone saying “Yes” to Jesus. He and his family say the same “Yes” to Jesus believing that many legacies may be started as a result of their yes.

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