Who are the Shims?

We are the Shimomura family, or more commonly known as the Shims. Brad, Roberta, Zane, Oliver and Adelisa are missionaries to Japan. We have been Children’s Pastors for the past 10 years in the Pacific Northwest, and we are now raising our financial support to go to the other side of the Pacific Ocean to share Jesus with the children of Japan.

Brad enjoys cooking, reading, golfing and finding new ways to make his wife laugh.

Roberta enjoys eating Brad’s cooking, spending time with friends and family, making coffee, exercising, and finding something new on Pinterest to make.

Zane enjoys being silly, acting out his favorite movies and TV shows, swimming, and running around with his brother.

Oliver enjoys being the boss, singing, going to the park, and figuring out how to do things by himself.

So far Adelisa enjoys sleeping and smiling, and we will let you know when she does some more cool things!

We are available to speak in your church, host a dinner event, meet with a small group, teach a Sunday School class, or anything else that involves people! If you’d like us to come to your event, you can send an email to brad.shimomura@agmd.org, send a facebook message, or send a twitter direct message.