The other day I came downstairs to find Roberta and the kids getting ready for breakfast, and I had this epiphany that I share with them: we’ve been living here for 45 days now. Today, we are about 50 days into itineration and our new life, so, I thought I might give some updates.

By the numbers

-13 Services we’ve been a part of
-1700 miles driven to and from services
-about $700 in new monthly commitments
-45 total services scheduled
-26 Financial partners (both single donations and ongoing commitments)


Zane has been doing home school, and he is really excelling, math and science are his favorite subjects. He does miss having friends he sees every day, but we are getting involved in different groups to help him make new friends.
Oliver is attending preschool now at a nearby Christian school. He loves going to his class 2x a week and is making new friends at school. Last week we had a field trip to the pumpkin patch on what I believe was the rainiest day of the year (not really, but it felt like it). The boys all went and were thoroughly soaked, but had a lot of fun! Zane and Ollie are both taking swim lessons at the local YMCA as well.
Addy is growing like a lot! She rolled over for the first time a couple of days ago and she has started to eat food. Her favorite food so far is bananas. We also think we’ve heard her say mommy.
Roberta is finding different things to do to get out of the house and keep the kids busy. We now have memberships at the Gilbert house (children’s museum), OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry), and the Aviation museum at McMinnville (thank you Zane for homeschooling so they can pay for this for us). We are also now members of the YMCA. Roberta also attends a local MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) group which meets 2x per month.
I am doing my best to keep everything rolling and organized so we have churches to go to and are getting there at the right time.

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