10 -10 – 10 Campaign Day 3


Yesterday, we prayed for more workers in Japan. Coincidentally, I was in meetings talking about Assemblies of God missions in Africa. People came from all over Oregon and to meet with some of the leaders from Springfield, Missouri to hear about what God is doing in Africa. The need for Missionaries is not limited to Japan, but all over the world.

Today, I’d like for us to focus on praying for supernatural miracles to happen in Japan. In March of 2014, I went with a group of pastors and leaders to Thailand to meet with a missionary, to see what he is doing and learn more about missions in a hands-on setting. We talked about all kinds of things relating to missions and ministry to Thailand. Our missionary made a statement that I’ll never forget. He asked us to pray for miracles in Thailand and Asia as a whole.

He went on to explain that for many missionaries, especially those in the 3rd world, miracles happen frequently, and they are a great way to point people to Jesus. In Thailand miracles are rare, at best. He gave a couple of possible reasons: 1) as in America (where miracles are not as common place as they are overseas) there are wonderful doctors and access to good medicine, thus the need for miracles is not as great. 2) There is a spiritual darkness in Thailand, that very difficult to explain unless you have experienced it. This darkness could be hampering the faith of believers to pray and believe in God for miracles.

Although what the missionary is saying about miracles is true in Thailand, it is also true about Japan. The same issues exist for Japan. I’ve talked with the missionaries who are in Japan and asked them about revivals, supernatural miracles and testimonies of what God is doing in Japan. Their response? What they consider to be incredible in Japan would often be disappointing or run-of-the-mill in America. A church baptizing 5 new believers in a year is a big deal. People asking questions about Jesus, Christmas, and Christianity is miraculous.

Why are supernatural miracles worth praying for?  When people experience the supernatural power of God, there is no denying that Someone is behind it. It is a great opportunity for a missionary to point to God and share that He is all powerful, supernatural, and He cares for our every need, big or small. In Acts, when miracles occurred, people gathered and investigated to determine what happened. This also gave the apostles a chance to tell people about Jesus. That is what it’s all about; pointing people to Jesus!

In Acts 3, Peter and John healed a lame man by the power of the Holy Spirit. A crowd gathered, and people investigated to make sure the miracles were real and asked questions. The crowd grew so big, the religious leaders got upset and brought them in for interrogation, because the miracle happened in the temple court, the apostles were causing a scene and the people believed in Jesus. The religious leaders asked questions, listened, made threats, then let them go. The believers gathered to pray, and this is the last part of their prayer found in Acts 4:29-30, “Now Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness. Stretch out your hand to heal and perform signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant, Jesus.”

Despite the last miracle getting them into some trouble, they continued to pray for God to do more miracles, so they could continue to share Jesus with those in need.

Please pray for God to do miracles in Japan, so that He will be glorified and people can come to know Him.

Financial Update

We wont have any new updates until Monday when the AGWM office opens again. Thank you for praying and going on this journey with us!

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