10 – 10 – 10 Campaign

Would you consider joining us in our 10 – 10 – 10 campaign?

This is the first time we’ve done a campaign like this, so we are going to keep it pretty simple. Here is the 10 – 10 – 10 campaign in a nutshell:

10 Days
10% Raised
10 Prayer Points

Over the next 10 days we want to get to 10% of our monthly commitment raised. We’ll have 10 things to pray for, one for each day. How can YOU get involved?

Check back here each day for a new prayer point and please pray with us. While you are praying, ask God if he would have you become one of our financial partners to help us share God’s love with the children of Japan. Included in each prayer point you’ll also see how we are progressing toward our goal of reaching 10%.

As missionaries we get to raise our own budget. It takes a team of people supporting at ANY dollar amount for us to reach our budget. Any dollar amount helps us, and is greatly appreciated. It can be $1 per month, $1,000 per month or anything in between.

In order to reach 10% we need $200 in new monthly commitments. We can reach that goal like this:

20 people at $10 per month or
8 people at $25 per month or
4 people at $50 per month or
2 people at $100 per month

10 Days, 10% Raised, 10 Prayer Points, who is with me?

If you would like to sign-up to give monthly, you can do so by clicking here, and filling out the form. Be sure click the box that says “Setup Reoccurring Gift.”

If you would prefer a paper pledge form, please contact me.

Thank you for joining us in the 10 – 10 – 10 campaign.

Bonus: One last thing… The first person to sign up for monthly giving, and send me a message will receive a Starbucks Card from the us!

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