A New Normal

It has now been roughly 10 days since we left our home in Pendleton and made our new home in Salem about 300 miles away. These 10 days have busy full of making adjustments to make our new home the new normal. Had we thought about all the changes our family was about to undergo at once, it may have overwhelmed us. Fortunately, we simply put our heads down and got to work. Here is a quick list of where our lives have changed:

  1. New home: From a 3 bedroom single story home to a 2 story townhouse.
  2. New town: Traffic, waiting in lines, busy stores, and waiting for a table in restaurants (we haven’t experienced it yet, but I know it’s coming).
  3. New jobs: I now work from home, rather than an office, and basically on my own. I don’t have someone I report to daily or even weekly, but on a monthly basis via forms I fill out and mail. Roberta is now a stay at home mom and home school kindergarten teacher.
  4. Zane is in school: Well, home school, but it’s still school (which kind of means that don’t really ever need to leave home on a daily basis).
  5. New salary and pay schedules: We haven’t yet gone on salary with AGWM, because we haven’t raised enough support, but God is taking care of all of our needs as we do our best to steward God’s money that he has entrusted to us.

Change is good. We embrace change. It is hard sometimes to say goodbye to places and people who mean such to us, but it is also exciting to look ahead and know that God is leading and he will take care of us.

Though I am excited about these changes in our lives, I am also glad to know about the one constant in my life. Through all the ups and downs, Jesus and His love are never-changing. Hebrews 13:8 reminds us of this fact: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.”

What are some changes you’ve gone through in your life that were not easy?

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